Why Does my Garage Door Go Down and Then Back Up?

Why Does my Garage Door Go Down and Then Back Up?

Your garage door is one of the main openings of your home. But being an opening doesn’t mean that it needs to stay open all of the time. It needs to close, especially if you’re going to leave the house. But what if your garage door goes down and then back up again? What are the possible reasons and what can you do to keep it from happening again and again?

There are probably a number of reasons why you can’t keep your garage door closed. The following are a few of those possible reasons:

  • Travel down settings needs adjusting. Garage doors are programmed to travel specific distances before closing. However, if it closes before reaching that distance, then it senses that something’s not right
  • Logic board already needs to be replaced. This is crucial since the logic board is considered to be the brain of your garage door opener. It can suffer from wear and tear, just like any other component, and when it does, it could cause the door to open and close, and vice versa, without reason or explanation.
  • The limit switch needs adjustment. It’s also responsible for determining where the door stops when lowering or rising. It might need adjustment if the garage door’s not staying open or closed.
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