What Happens When a Garage Door Spring is Broken?

What Happens When a Garage Door Spring is Broken?

Your garage door is one of the most used parts of your home. So it’s important that you are aware of the potential problems that can affect it and what you can do once it happens. For example, what’s going to happen when a garage door is broken?

Garage doors are known for being tough and durable. However, if you have any illusions about them being indestructible, you better change your views right now because they aren’t. They can break down and their springs are just as prone as any other part. 

If you’re wondering what will happen when the springs get broken, there are signs that could tell you about it. Here are some of those signs that could you tell that your springs need repair:

  • A loud and sudden noise comes from your garage. If you hear that kind of noise but don’t see anything when you check it out, then it’s likely caused by a spring that just broke.
  • You’ll find a bend at the top of your garage door. This is when the top panel bends any time you try to open the door. The power of the door is just not enough to lift the door panel’s weight if the springs are broken.
  • A gap in the spring is present. If you see that there’s a gap in the spring, that’s actually one of the best indications that it’s already broken. Ideally, it should be connected from end to end and tightly wound.
  • The garage door crashes down fast. That’s what’s going to happen if the spring is broken as the counterweight against the pull of gravity is already gone.


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