Why Did My Garage Door Stop Working?

Why Did My Garage Door Stop Working?

There are many possible reasons why your garage door has stopped working. Some of the reasons are quite simple and easy to manage while some are more serious. In fact, there are issues that you do very well fix on your own, especially if you have the knowledge, equipment, and of course the time needed to do it.

However, there are many reasons that require the attention and abilities of a professional. In such cases, you’d be better off leaving the garage door repair to the experts. Still, it would be helpful if you know what’s actually wrong with your garage door or at least have an idea of why it stopped working. That way, you could make the right decision on whether to do it yourself or hire a professional to fix it for you.

To help give you an idea of why your garage door suddenly stopped working, here are some of the top potential reasons:

  • Transmitter batteries are dead.
  • The photo-eye is out of alignment.
  • There is something wrong with the transmitters.
  • The track is not properly aligned.
  • Springs are broken.
  • There’s something blocking the door’s path.
  • The limit setting of the garage door isn’t properly set.

The above list represents just a few of the possible reasons why your garage door isn’t working all of a sudden. It might help you troubleshoot the problem and that’s fine, but you also need to keep in mind to stop trying to open or close the door while it’s still not repaired. It would also be better and safer to park your vehicle somewhere else until everything’s okay again. But if you’re unsure of making the right diagnosis and want to get the right solution, you can always call the best garage door professionals to help you out.

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