Top Benefits of Using an Insulated Garage Door

Top Benefits of Using an Insulated Garage Door

In the winter season, a homeowner’s top priority is to ensure that the home is comfortable for every member of the family. It’s a very real necessity, given how harsh the cold season can sometimes be. Every home, particularly its interior, should be as comfortable as possible.

One way to guarantee comfort inside homes is to keep the warm air in and the cold air out. That includes the garage, of course. There are a number of ways to do it, like using space heaters and also by insulating the walls of the house. 

But you need to keep in mind that for that to work, you also need to insulate your garage door. Otherwise, it would be a futile attempt at keeping the warmth inside. What you’ll get instead is a lot of wasted energy and it will eventually result in a major loss of money on your part.

So getting your garage door insulated is absolutely essential. But what exactly are the advantages and benefits that you could get from it? Read on then to find out about the top benefits of using an insulated garage door.

You Can Save More Energy

Saving energy is probably the number one benefit of using an insulated garage door. It’s important that there is an effective barrier between the interior of your home and the cold weather on the outside. 

An insulated garage door is capable of reducing the loss of heat by over 70 percent when compared to a non-insulated garage door. It’s most effective when the walls of the garage are also insulated. When your garage door is insulated, you’re assured that the warm air isn’t going to escape outside and save more energy.

A More Durable Option

An insulated garage door is also more durable. So you get a stronger and more durable option with an insulated door. They’re usually made of steel and are basically a sandwich construction that’s made of steel-polyurethane steel.

Also, a garage door that has a higher R-value, the better it is at insulation. So you should go for one that has a better or higher R-value for better thermal efficiency. The door is also more sturdy and resistant to getting damaged or dented.

Helps Reduce Noise and Vibration

In addition to the durability, an insulated garage door also helps in reducing noise and vibration. The insulation in the garage door is able to reduce at least most of the vibration and the noise from the street is also minimized.

This is a very practical benefit that is an advantage if you have a living space that’s right next to your garage door. Naturally, you wouldn’t want to be disturbed by the sound of the door when it opens and closes.

Protect Your Tools

The cold and freezing temperature can damage the tools and any other object that you’re storing inside your garage if it’s not properly insulated. They are likely to freeze and then crack and that can eventually lead to damage. 

If your garage door is properly insulated, then you don’t have to worry about your tools or appliances getting damaged. They can be safely stored in your garage and there would be no damage whatsoever.

Extend the Battery Life of Your Car

Another of the top benefits of using an insulated garage door is that it helps extend the battery life of your car. Since most batteries are at their best in temperatures that are between 30 and 90 degrees, the added warmth of your garage because of the insulation will do wonders for it. You’ll at least be assured that you won’t end up in a dead battery because of the extreme cold.

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